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4 Tips on how to become the perfect host

Welcoming Gifts

Make a good first impression to your guests by having a welcome basket. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money but just the gesture will help you get off a good start! A bottle of wine, a bottle of water and some fruit should to the job.

Fruit Basket
Bottle of Wine

Towels & Linen

Fluffy towels and pure linen is definitely a key factor in being a great host. It’s worth spending a little bit extra in nice products because your guests get a better experience.



Providing shampoo and soaps along with some other personal items and toiletries will upgrade the quality of your home. Guests and travelers often forget to bring essentials, which will give you an extra point if provided.


Go the extra mile!

As host, you are a very important part of the guest’s experience. Meet your guests personally at their arrival and offer them a welcome viewing of the space. Do not hesitate to give recommendations of places to see and restaurants to eat in. Guests will always appreciate the effort. Try to be as helpful as possible during the duration of the guest’s stay.

These few and easy tips will guarantee a great experience for your guest!

Let us know what you think you can do to improve the guest’s experience.


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